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The NFL Channel, a product of the National Football League, has emerged as a trailblazer in the ever-evolving world of sports broadcasting within the FAST industry. Since its inception in 2019, the channel has redefined the way football fanatics engage with the #1 Sport in America. With a captivating array of content, it provides an unrivaled fan experience that caters to the modern viewer's preferences and demands. Its live game updates, bringing real-time action straight to fans' screens, have set a new standard for sports coverage.

Through our intentional programming slate inclusive of NFL Game re-airs, , throwback content highlighting Football legends, riveting docuseries like A Football Life and Hard Knocks, live digital shows featuring charismatic hosts and analysts on Around The NFL and The NFL Report, as well as live coverage of major events like the Super Bowl, NFL Draft, and Schedule Release, the NFL Channel has captured the hearts of millions. Born from the vision of expanding the game’s reach and connecting with football fans everywhere, the NFL Channel brings action packed NFL Game Re-airs, All Access Football content, and NFL exclusive shows such as NFL Game Center Live directly to viewers' screens.

About the 2024 Tech Playmakers Award

Over the last decade, emerging technologies have upended the traditional sports media landscape. Today, teams, leagues and sports media organizations are constantly coming up with new products, services and forms of content to engage with fans.

That’s why Front Office Sports is teaming up with WSC Sports to recognize content and product teams across the world of sports who are changing the future of fan consumption with the 2024 Tech Playmakers Award.

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National Football League

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